03 May 2017

Informality and Geographic Rift in Latin America

Marginal Urbanisms: Informal and Formal Development in Cities of Latin America, a book I wrote a chapter for on geographic rift a few years back, has just been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The chapter I wrote, with Jaime Panaque-Gálvez, Claudio Garibay Orozco, and Antonio Vieyra, is titled "Informality and Geographic Rift in Latin America."

In lieu of an abstract, here is the opening paragraph:
Discussion of informality tends to follow two primary lines of discourse: modernization and neo-Malthusianism. In keeping with the traditional discourse of modernization, many development scholars have begun to describe informal settlements as part of the urbanization process rather than as manifestations of extreme poverty (Roy, 2005). Maloney (2004, p. 1159), for instance, claims that the informal sector is the “unregulated, developing country analogue of the voluntary entrepreneurial small firm sector found in advanced countries, rather than a residual comprised of
disadvantaged, [sic] workers rationed out of good jobs”. This is consistent with the broader assumption in modernization theory that the demographic transition to urban areas is part of the development

The book is available via the link below:
Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Marginal Urbanisms

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