22 June 2018

The crisis of the Mexican regime and the 2018 elections

A statement of the Partido Revolucionario de Trabajadores (Revolutionary Workers' Party) on the Mexican elections of 1 July 2018 that I translated into English together with Héctor Agredano River and Fernando Estañol Tecuatl  was just published by MRonline. The article outlines a revolutionary perspective on these historic elections and what they mean for the Mexican Left.

The July 1 election represents a moment of political restructuring in the midst of a profound crisis in Mexico’s current regime. In this context, the question of whether or not to vote is secondary to the need to organize the anti-capitalist left, either to seize the opening that a victory by Andrés Manuel López Obrador could provide to build a united workers’ movement to the left of his party, or to defend against the very real possibility of another fraudulent “victory” by representatives of the PRI-PAN alliance. The statement is available online.

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