30 April 2018

Ecological Marxism vs. environmental neo-Malthusianism

A short piece I wrote for Climate & Capitalism on this age-old debate between Marxism and populationism was just published. It offers a brief overview of the Marxist critique of Malthus's original argument and their contemporary Green permutations. The main thesis is that this ideology misrepresents social and ecological problems, and thereby promotes solutions that exacerbate the underlying contradictions of which these problems are symptoms
Despite being consistently discredited, overpopulation ideology resurfaces with the same predictable regularity as capitalist crises. Such ideology continues to prevail in the environmental movement, legitimizing a shallow focus on individual symptoms of our ecological crisis rather than the profound contradiction that underlie them. Only Marxism offers a clear and viable resolution to these contradictions, and thereby a path beyond piecemeal technocratic measures that doesn't end in green authoritarianism. The full article is available on the Climate & Capitalism website.

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